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Olio di Penne - our olive oil

Olio di Penne comes from a small estate nestled in the foothills of the Grand Sasso Mountain in the Abruzzo region, Italy. Selling each year’s harvest puts me in the less than enviable position of merely breaking even. This is simply not a commercial venture; it is an absurdly romantic labour of love aimed at pleasing friends and family with quality oil. Olio di Penne really is nothing like the olive oil you will find on the supermarket shelves. Store bought oil is typically extracted using centrifugal force which, although cheaper, results in an infinitely inferior product. Our olives are milled using a traditional “cold-extraction” press which, together with the age of the trees, the D.O.C region and the speed that it is harvested, pressed and canned, produces the most exquisite and peppery oil you will ever taste.

We cannot market the oil as organic because we lack the necessary authentication but none of the trees have been sprayed and the fertilizer used is organic.​

If you are interested in placing an order or want to know more (we can of course arrange a tasting) then please get in touch with us. 


I would love a litre of this, I remember it from last time, and would certainly like another. Put me down for one. I am definitely up for your oil.  Last lot was brilliant and lasted ages.  I am just checking with my sisters as to what they want and will come back to you.


so impressed have my friends been with your oil that my order this year needs to go up from 2 to 14  litre cans. I assumed you would have more due to the pruning results! Will that be possible?


The olive oil is really tasty- I was worried in case it was too rich/earthy ( we once bought some direct from a olive farm in Southern Spain which was not to our taste)…however, we love th taste of, warm and sunny. I would be grateful if you prompt us re; your new harvest.


Sold out! - Subscribe for next season

Please bear in mind that due to the limited size of the olive grove we will eventually sell out and therefore cannot guarantee a year round supply. The oil is tinned in November and sold on a first come, first served basis.​ Subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated.

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