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The olive oil has arrived!

It is that time of year again – the end of the olive harvest, when I write to you all for your orders. There is good news and bad news...

The bad news is that a plague of olive fly decimated not only our crop but also the crop in large areas of central Italy. You can read more about the impact here

The good news - I know that many of you rely on us for your annual supply of high quality olive oil so as soon as I realised just how bad this plague would be I found a supply of the best oil from last year and bought 300 litres from a neighbouring farmer who still had some left. Last year's oil was an exceptional year, the finest of oil, and even though it may not be quite so fresh as an oil which is a few months old it is still a very high quality product and a much better oil than you can get from the limited supply of this year's crop. The only olives that survived the plague were ones that were sprayed – not a nice oil at all.

So there is your usual supply of high quality oil for purchase at the same price as usual, £12.50 per litre. But, what I have is a lot less than our usual production so if you do want some don’t delay in placing your order.

For those of you who really do not want to use our website you can email me your order but it would be considerably easier for us to organise your delivery if you order on our website. This year we have made it even simpler and no discount code is required. It is quick and easy to use.

For those of you who only want to buy the oil we produce on our farm we spent the harvest time with a group of friends from the UK bringing the land up to peak condition. I have high hopes for next year's crop…


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